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How to Store A Christmas Tree - The Ultimate Guide

April 03, 2024

How to Store A Christmas Tree - The Ultimate Guide | Treekeeper Bags

For many, the end of the holiday season marks the bittersweet moment when the decorations must come down. Among them, the majestic centerpiece of yuletide joy — the Christmas tree — requires careful attention for proper storage. But how should you store a piece of holiday magic that's an investment for many joyous seasons yet to come? Whether you’re preparing to neatly pack away your artificial tree or you want helpful storage tips for future Christmases, this comprehensive guide will ensure your tree remains a beacon of festive spirit for years to come.

Why Proper Tree Storage is Important for Artificial Christmas Trees

Storing an artificial Christmas tree is more than just packing it away; proper care is a crucial step in preserving its beauty and structural integrity, ensuring your investment lasts for years to come. Artificial trees, just like a real tree, can accumulate dust and debris over the years, requiring the need for a thorough cleaning before you deck the halls.

Improper storage can result in damaged Christmas lights, bent and broken branches, a compressed and unfluffed / uneven look, or even fading of your vibrant green tree. Investing time in correct storage techniques will not only maintain the tree’s appearance but also save you money in the long run, as you won’t find yourself replacing your tree prematurely.

Preparing Your Tree for Storage

Proper storage begins with careful preparation. The storage process, including steps taken to dismantle and clean your tree are as essential as the storage itself.

Removing Ornaments and Lights

The first step to storing faux trees is to remove all decorations, from ornaments to lights. Starting from the top and working down, carefully take each piece off to avoid any breakage or tangling, as well as being mindful of not damaging the tree.

Disassembling the Tree

Depending on the type of tree, this could be a quick task or a more involved one. Most artificial trees are made up of sections that stack or fold together. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the safest and most efficient way to disassemble your tree.

Dusting and Removing Debris

A quick wipe with a damp cloth can make a world of difference in the appearance of your tree when it emerges from storage next year. Cleaning the tree also prevents any pests that may have made a home in the tree branches from being transferred to other stored items. If you do wipe down your tree before storage, be sure to let the moisture fully dry before packing away to avoid mold or musty odors from occuring.

Determining the Best Storage Location

The location where you store your Christmas tree can affect its longevity, as well as help determine what type of storage container to use. Here’s how to decide on the best spot.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Location

Consider the available space, climate control, and accessibility of potential storage areas. The goal is to find a dry location where the tree won’t be too exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture, which can potentially damage it.

Popular Storage Locations for Christmas Trees

Common storage spots include attics, basements, closets, and even garages or storage units if the climate is more moderate or climate controlled. The location you choose can affect what type of storage bag or box you purchase, including things like the dimensions of the tree bags, whether or not the bag has wheels, and even the orientation the bag is intended on being stored (upright storage or horizontal storage).

Tree Storage Methods

There are several tried-and-true storage methods for protecting your artificial tree. The best method for you will depend on the size and shape of your tree, as well as the storage space available to you.

Using Tree Storage Bags or Boxes

Specially designed Christmas tree storage bags or boxes are great for keeping your tree in good shape. They protect against dust, moisture, pests, and can be easy to transport. Most of our bags have come with wheels to help you move your tree with ease.

Using Upright Tree Storage Bags

For trees that are assembled from top to bottom, upright tree storage bags are a great solution, as they allow you to slide the bag up and over the tree and use the rolling Christmas tree stand to roll right into a nearby room or closet. If you have the space, we even offer a Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag that allows you to store trees up to 9 ft. tall with all the ornaments and decorations still attached to your tree, for the easiest setup and takedown possible.

Storing Small or Pencil Trees

Smaller trees offer more options, whether you choose to opt for a smaller sized container, or choose to use the larger storage options that allow you to store other items, such as wreaths and garlands, along with your tree in a single bag. For shorter trees, such as artificial topiary tree or potted foyer trees, our Foyer Tree Storage Bag is the perfect way to store your tree.

Storing Large or Wide Trees

For larger trees, boxes or bags that allow for more of a ‘lay-flat’ storage compared to upright bags may be more appropriate. If your tree comes with sections that can be stored separately, it can be helpful to store them that way to conserve space. Our upright tree bags offer sizes up to 9 ft. tall, while our tree storage duffel holds disassembled trees up to 9-feet tall. Our GreensKeeper oversized tree storage accommodates artificial trees up to 15 feet tall and features a self-standing frame to provide extra structure and protection for such large trees.

Storing Tree Accessories and Decorations

Your tree isn't complete without its accessories and it’s important to store them properly to ensure they stay in tip-top shape until next season.

Organizing and Storing Ornaments

Keep your special ornaments in sturdy protective bins that offer separate compartments for each bauble. Make sure to use containers that have acid-free fabrics or coatings, like any of our Christmas ornament storage bags , to prevent tarnishing or discoloration of your ornaments.

Storing Tree Skirts and Tree Toppers

Store tree skirts flat, as you would any piece of fabric, in a breathable container. Many of our tree storage bags or ornament storage bags offer compartments or pockets that work perfectly for tree skirt storage. For tree toppers, our adjustable ornament storage bags or multi-use storage bag are both great options.

Storing Christmas Tree Lights

For the best Christmas Light Storage to keep your light strands protected and avoid the dreaded tangle, wrap your lights around storage reels specifically made for this purpose. Always inspect lights for any damage before storing them.

Storing Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas wreaths and garlands can be stored in protective bags or boxes , similar to your tree itself. Our multi-use rolling storage offers ample room to hold a lot of garland, and our foam-lined wreath storage bags are designed to either be laid flat or to be hung up while still protecting the shape of the wreath while in storage.

Tips for Proper Tree Storage

In addition to determining the best method and location for storing your tree, there are several important tips to keep in mind to ensure the tree’s preservation.

Properly Packing Artificial Trees and Securing Tree Trunk

When packing, start with the larger tree sections first, placing them all the way towards one end of the bag. Keep the tree's center pole towards the middle of the bag to prevent the tree post from tearing a hole in the storage bag. continue adding sections of the tree, from largest to smallest, alternating directions (remembering to keep the tree trunk away from the edges of the bag).

Avoiding Moisture and Mold Issues

Ensure the storage location has low humidity and good airflow. Dampness can lead to mold or mildew on the tree branches and in the storage containers. Additionally, avoid using cardboard boxes or packing with paper products (especially any with ink printed on it, such as newspapers). These paper products are made with water, and as they break down over time that moisture can lead to mold while your holiday decor is put away in storage.

Similarly, avoid storing your tree in non-breathable bags, such as plastic bags, garbage bags, or even wrapping your tree in plastic wrap. Doing so can lead to moisture getting trapped and developing into mold.

Lastly, adding desiccant packs to your storage bags will help soak up moisture to keep your tree and other Christmas decor pristine.

Preventing Damage during Storage

If you’re stacking items on or near your tree, be sure to distribute the weight evenly. You don’t want to find your tree flattened under a pile of forgotten decorations. Avoid over-compressing or crushing your tree to prevent bent or broken branches, as well as to protect the light if your tree is pre-lit. As tempting as it might be, don't use the original cardboard tree storage box that your tree came in from the manufacturer. Once your tree has been fluffed, your tree will never fit back into the original cardboard box for storage, and attempting to compress your tree that much will cause damage to the branches and lights.

Organizing and Labeling Storage Containers

For future ease of use, label your tree storage container. This way, when the holiday season arrives, you’ll save time knowing exactly where to find the right parts and accessories for your tree. Luckily, all of our storage bags feature an ID tag holder to make this task extra simple.

Final Thoughts on Artificial Tree Storage

Storing your artificial Christmas tree and its accessories properly is more than just a post-holiday chore—it's a way to preserve memories and ensure the longevity of an important family heirloom. By following the comprehensive storage guidelines outlined above, you'll protect your tree and decorations against damage, moisture, and pests, keeping everything in pristine condition for the next holiday season. Remember, the effort you put into organizing and storing your Christmas essentials not only safeguards your festive decor but also makes the joyful task of decorating smoother and more enjoyable year after year. Here's to celebrating many more beautiful Christmases with your perfectly preserved tree at the heart of your holiday home!