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Decorated Upright Tree Storage


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  • Fits trees up to 9' tall and 6' wide
  • Keep your tree assembled, decorated, and upright
  • Discreetly compresses under your tree skirt
  • Includes new Universal Rolling Tree Stand
  • ID Tag for easy identification
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
  • A patented product by TreeKeeper™


Customer Service

Fully Decorated Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Holiday Tree Storage to Maintain Your Perfect Decoration Placement

Storing your Christmas tree in a card-board box never fits properly and will shorten the tree’s lifespan, as well as make it difficult to find your perfect ornament placement when re-decorating each year.

The decorated upright artificial Christmas Tree Storage bag is the perfect solution for artificial Christmas trees up to 9 feet tall. By storing your Christmas tree vertically you are able to keep your tree assembled and fully decorated, cutting down your setup and take down time to mere minutes. No more having to struggle with trying to match the perfect ornament placement you had in years past, will make the dreaded task or tree storage a whole lot more simple.

Attach the bag to the tree stand prior to setting up your tree, then quickly zip the bag up around the tree when it’s time to store your tree and know your decorated tree is protected from dust, mold, and damage. Save yourself some money by adding additional years to the lifespan of your Christmas tree, with proper Christmas tree storage.

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    Fully Decorated

    Leave your ornaments on

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    Rolling Tree Stand

    Wheels right into storage

TreeKeeper Bags Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Christmas Tree Storage In 3 Steps

Store your tree in your new Christmas tree bag - Untuck, Zip Up, and Roll Out

TreeKeeper Bags Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Stores Neatly Under Your Tree

Before placing the tree on it's stand, place the bag’s center hole over the tree stand.

TreeKeeper Bags Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Pull Up And Over Your Christmas Tree

Fold up the tree branches into it’s naturally compressed position, while pulling the tree bag upwards.

TreeKeeper Bags Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Sinch The Bag And Roll Right Into Storage

Pull the drawstring and compression straps tight, and roll into storage.

Decorated Upright

Fits Fully Decorated Christmas Trees Up To 9’ H x 6’ W

For those who want to store their trees fully decorated, with ornaments still attached, the Decorated Upright tree storage bag is what you need. Fits trees up to 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. You can also opt to store your ornaments separately in an ornament storage bag.

TreeKeeper Bags Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Includes Our Rolling Tree Stand

The Tree Bag With The Perfect Rolling Stand

The Decorated Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag includes our Universal Rolling Tree Stand, which is adjustable to perfectly stabalize trees up to 9 feet tall, and trunk diameters of 1.25” - 2.125”. The included tree stand has four scratch-resistant, caster wheels that allow you to freely roll your tree into storage while ensuring your wood or tile floors don’t get scratched up.

TreeKeeper Bags Collapsed Bag Decorated Upright Tree Storage Bag

Tech Specs

Sometimes storage bags can be complicated; Let us help you get to know your bag better.

  • Fits Up To 9' Tall Trees

    Store artificial Christmas trees up to 9 ft. tall

  • Bag Dimensions

    108" × 65" × 65"

  • 600 D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust

  • Included Tree Stand

    Comes with the universal rolling tree stand

  • ID Tag Holder

    Remember what you stored on a convenient 4" × 6" Card

  • Heavy-Duty Zipper

    Makes loading and unloading your Christmas tree easy

  • TreeKeeper Green

    Treekeeper Bags products are an iconic festive green color

  • Patented Product

    Patent 7,694,494

    Patent 7,775,360

  • For Indoor Use

    Keep your bag for years, only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty