06 May 18

Deluxe Gift Wrap & Craft Storage

Easily Access, Organize And Store Your Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper Rolls, Ribbons, Bows, And More.

The Ultimate Gift Wrap Station

Store All The Items Needed To Craft And Wrap Gifts Beautifully

Wrapping presents and gifts has never been easier. Imagine having keeping everything in an one easy to use case that displays all neccessary items for easy access to wrap Christmas presents.

The Deluxe Gift Wrap & Craft Station keeps all wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and more safe in a protective hard outer shell that already comes pre-assembled to help you get serious about the holidays.

  • Person Walking With Luggage Icon

    Travel Ready

    Rolls Where You Need It

  • Garage Additional Storage Icon

    Organize Your Crafts

    Perfect For Accessories

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    Hard Outer Shell

    Protects It's Contents

TreeKeeper Bags Deluxe Gift Wrap And Craft Station
TreeKeeper Bags Deluxe Gift Wrap And Craft Station

Pop-Out Stand

Stands Up Wherever You Need

The Wrap and Craft Station features a pop out lean-to stand that supports the bag in a comfortable upright position, helping you easily access everything you need while wrapping, decorating, and crafting. When not in use the pop up stand conspiculously folds to the bag.

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Move It Move It

Travels Wherever You Need To Use It

You shouldn’t be restricted to wrapping and crafting where ever your supplies are stored. With two durable wheels you can move freely to wherever you feel most comfortable.

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TreeKeeper Bags Deluxe Gift Wrap And Craft Station

Not Just Another Storage Box

Perfect For Scrapbookers, Crafters, And Quilters Too!

Not only does the Deluxe station provide a way for you to store and use all your Christmas wrapping items, but it’s also perfect for scrapbookers, crafters, and quilters. The Deluxe wrapping station stores quilting blankets, cut-outs, pictures and so much more. This must have item will help you take your crafts to the next level. Professional Craft artists use the best equipment and their art work shows it. What does your equipment say about you? Next time you go to the Scrapbookers convention go preparred with everything you need.

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TreeKeeper Bags Deluxe Gift Wrap And Craft Station
TreeKeeper Bags Deluxe Gift Wrap And Craft Station

Tech Specs

Uncomplicate Storage Bags By Getting To Know Our Products Tech Specs

  • Convinient Craft Storage

    Holds all your crafting supplies in one convinient storage case.

  • Case Dimensions

    Dimensions: 43" × 14" × 10"

  • 600D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust.

  • TreeKeeper Green

    TreeKeeper Bags are a sleek and suble gree color.

  • Stores 6 XL Ribbons

    Easily holds and displays six XL ribbon spools.

  • Hanging Net Pouches

    Prevent smashing of your delicate papers like gift tags or bows.

  • Wrapping Paper Storage

    Stores up to 14 wrapping paper rolls, up to 40" long each.

  • Miscellaneous Compartments

    Multiple compartments for organizing pens, scissors, rulers, and more.

  • Patent Pending

    This products design or utility is currently patent pending

  • For Indoor Use

    Keep your bag for years, only use indoors.

  • One-year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.