03 May 18

Big Wheel Multi-Use Christmas Decor Storage Bag

From Christmas Wreaths And Garlands To Nativity Scenes, And Everything In Between!

Effortless Rolling, Elegant Storage Bag

Not Just Another Empty Bag

Your miscellaneous decor deserves to be stored properly without being shoved into random cardboard boxes. The Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag features oversized wheels for easy manuverability and to prevent wear and tear on the bottom of the bag. The roomy bag comes with an optional compartment on top that is seperated by a net, to store more delicate items that you don’t want with the heavier decor. With the Big Wheel Multi Use storage bag, holiday decoration storage is easier than ever.

TreeKeeper Bags Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag
Wheel Icon

Oversized Wheels

Easily rolls into storage

Garage Additional Storage Icon

Additional Storage

Seperated storage on top


U-Shaped Zipper

Easy Loading & Unloading

Stop The Bag Drag

Our 'No Bag-Drag' Design

Other wheeled storage bags drag along the floor causing damage. Unlike others, our storage bags are built to last, while protecting your decorations so that they last for years to come. The Big Wheel Multi-Use is designed with a sleek and fuctional design which lifts and supports the bag in all the crucial areas, giving you the clearance needed to roll the bag drag-free.

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More Than Enough Room

Finally, You Can Fit Your Holiday Decor In One Place

When you store your Christmas decorations in several cardboard boxes, you can never find what you’re looking for the next year. The Big Wheel Multi-Use storage bag is big enough to fit most, if not all of your holiday decorations in one convenient location. This bag offers more than enough room for you to store up to seven 9’ garlands. Have wreaths to go with it? Store three 30” wreaths with three 9’ garlands, or add any other Christmas decor that you want.

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TreeKeeper Bags Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag Full Of Christmas Wreaths And Garlands
TreeKeeper Bags Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag oversized wheels close up

Oversized Wheels For Effortless Manuverability

Easily Move And Store Your Tree

The Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag features two oversized wheels to help you move in and out of storage effortlessly, and to prevent your new storage bag from dragging across your floor.

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Top Net For Seperated Storage

Keep Delicate Items Safe And Sound In A Seperated Compartment Above Everything Else

You may be able to keep all your decorations in one easily accessible location, but not all decor belongs together. To prevent your decorations from breaking while in storage, the Big Wheel Multi Use storage bag comes with a zip-off net that gives you the option of having a seperated storage area where you can store your more delicate items.

TreeKeeper Bags Big Wheel Multi-Use Storage Bag Top Net For Seperated Storage

Tech Specs

Someties storage bags can be complicated; Let us help you get to know your bag better.

  • Bag Dimensions

    Dimensions: 36" × 34.75" × 16"

  • 600 D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust.

  • TreeKeeper Green

    Treekeeper Bags products are an iconic festive green color.

  • Oversized Wheels

    Axle and wheels elevate your storage bag for easy rolling and storage.

  • ID Tag Holder

    Remember what you stored on a convenient 4" × 6" Card.

  • U-Shaped Zipper

    Makes loading and unloading your Christmas tree easy.

  • For Indoor Use

    Keep your bag for years, only use indoors.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.