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The Essential Guide to Storing Your Christmas Ornaments

April 04, 2024

The Essential Guide to Storing Your Christmas Ornaments | Treekeeper Bags

The joyful jingles have faded, the lights are down, and the Christmas tree that once stood as a symbol of the season is now a collection of cherished tree ornaments, waiting for the next year's holiday return. Ensuring that these heirlooms, these little pieces of our history and culture, are stored with care is not just a matter of keeping a tidy home – it’s a practice of preserving memories that have been passed down for generations. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the nuances of storing different types of ornaments and provide expert advice on how to keep every bauble safe and ready for the season to come.

Why Proper Christmas Ornament Storage Matters

The care with which you store your Christmas ornaments can have a huge impact on their durability and luster. Without proper storage, delicate ornaments can break, precious memories can be lost, and the anticipation of next year’s holiday season can be tarnished. A thorough approach to ornament storage ensures not just their physical safety, but also the sentimental value they hold. With proper ornament storage, there's no need for wrapping each ball in bubble wrap , tissue paper , pieces of cardboard , or newspaper and risking the growth of mold or discoloration from acids that these subpar solutions often cause.

Understanding the Different Types of Ornaments

Before we discuss storage solutions, it’s important to recognize that not all ornaments are created equal. Understanding the materials, delicacy, and shapes of these tree decorations is crucial to determining the best way to store them.

Delicate Ornaments

Hand-blown glass, heirloom pieces, and any fragile ornaments with sentimental value are often fragile and deserve special care. Soft, protective storage that prevents any movement is best to shield these breakable ornaments from damages.

Odd-Shaped and Finial Ornaments

Ornaments that don't fit the typical round ball shape or are elongated with thin parts, such as finials, can be challenging to store. These require specific storage solutions due to their unique shapes, such as one of our patented adjustable ornament storage containers that allow you to adjust the ornament tray dividers to fit nearly any length or width of ornament.

Larger or Oversized Ornaments

Items that are large, heavy, or oddly shaped often need storage solutions designed to fit the oversized ornaments, and heavy duty enough to support the heavier weight. Boxes or containers with adjustable dividers can be tailored to fit these unique pieces perfectly. Additionally, all of our ornament organizers feature self standing metal frames and durable materials to support the added weight of heavy, large ornaments.

Choosing the Right Containers for Ornament Storage

Selecting the best storage solution for your ornaments is key. Here are some of the best ornament storage box options with innovative features from TreeKeeper, a leading brand in Christmas ornament organization.

Ornament Storage Bags

Ornament storage box es come in various styles, with some providing more protection than others. When choosing a bag, look for features such as individual compartments (large enough to hold your size of ornaments), acid-free interiors, a self-standing frame, and durable materials at the bare minimum, That way the box, as well as your ornaments, can withstand years of use. A great option that covers all these basic features, is the TreeKeeper 3 Tray Ornament Storage Bag , which features three trays with acid free dividers, accommodating up to 72 ornaments. The tray's inner compartments hold up to 4" ornaments, offering them premium protection. The bag also features an additional front pocket for additional storage of miscellanous items, like a tree skirt or stockings.

Ornament Storage Containers with Extra Decor Storage

With the right dividers and compartments, you can store many more ornaments in less space while ensuring they stay untangled and unscathed. For the ultimate organization, look for a bag that offers additional compartements to store more holiday decorations within the same box, such as the TreeKeeper Top Pocket Ornament Storage Bag which offers all the same features as our flagship 3 Tray Ornament Storage Box , but with the added bonus of a separate compartment on top with adjustable padded dividers, making it the perfect option for nutcracker storage, collectibles, villages, tree toppers, or odd shaped ornaments.

Adjustable Ornament Storage Dividers

Customizable storage solutions adapt to your specific collection, enabling you to protect each ornament with precision. Unlike other companies that claim adjustability (at the expense of removing dividers, reducing the number of ornaments stored, and the overall structural integrity), we offer a truly adjustable, patented solution to fit ornaments of nearly any size or shape. Offering the ultimate protection and customization, the TreeKeeper Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag gives you maximum flexibility with it's adjustable compartments, without compromising the quantity of individual compartments to hold ornaments. Additionally, the box features "Air Cushion" technology that provides the ultimate protection for each ornament. The plush velor hanging fabric allows each ornament to shift independently yet in the same direction of movement, to craddle them and simultaneously prevent the ornaments from bumping into each other. We are so confident in it's ability to protect ornaments, that we filled the container full with 48 ornaments, packed it in a cardboard box , and shipped it across the country. Despite the notoriously poor care and handling of shipping carriers, not a single ornament was broken during it's long journey. Unmatched organization, unmatched protection.

Telescoping Ornament Storage Box - The Best Ornament Storage

For a truly innovative solution, the patented TreeKeeper Adjustable Telescoping Ornament Storage is truly the ultimate Christmas ornament storage box . This top-tier storage system features a telescopic frame that expands give you ease of access to all ornaments stored across the 5 ornament trays. Each of the trays offer the same adjustability as our adjustable tray ornament storage box , as well as it's superior protection provided by the Air Cushion™ technology. Store up to 120 ornaments of nearly any size in the standard version, or up to 140 ornaments in our new XL version. Oh, and did we mention the ease of transport? Thanks to this Christmas ornament storage on wheels, you can roll this cart right out of storage and over to your tree.

Additional Safe and Efficient Storage Tips

Once you’ve chosen the perfect storage containers, it’s important to thoughtfully pack and organize your ornaments for storage to ensure both their safety and an efficient unpacking process come next year's festivities.

Organizing and Labeling Storage Containers

Group ornaments by theme, color, or size and be sure to label each box or bag accordingly. This makes finding and setting up next year's decor a much easier task.

Avoiding Overloading Storage Containers

While it might be tempting to fill every last inch of your storage containers, overpacking can lead to damage. Leave a little breathing room for each ornament by only placing a single ornament in each compartment of the ornament tray to prevent crashing or pressure on the baubles.

Maximizing Storage Space with Stackable Storage Box es

If you have a large collection, using stackable boxes can help you make the most of your storage space . Be conscious of the weight of each ornament storage bins, and ensure heavier items are on the bottom to avoid crushing more delicate decorations. Ensuring the boxes are stackable without being crushed is key, which is why our bags feature metal self standing frames. To keep the stacked boxes from falling, check out the new Stack N Lock™ feature on our bags, which allows the bags to connect to each other once stacked together. Pair that with the Stack N Lock™ rolling base to easily roll around your towering ornament storage cart.

Final Thoughts on Storing Christmas Ornaments

Preserving your Christmas ornaments is a labor of love that ensures the magic of the season is protected year-round. By investing in quality storage solutions and applying these practical tips, you not only safeguard your ornaments but also contribute to the enduring tradition and enchantment of holiday decorating .

Remember, the little moments we associate with unveiling each ornament from its protective cocoon and placing on your artificial trees are part of what makes the festive season so special. Treat your ornaments like the treasures they are, and come next Christmas, they'll continue to infuse your home with warmth and joy.

If you're ready to take the next step in storing your Christmas ornaments with the care they deserve, consider the innovative holiday storage solutions from TreeKeeper. Our extensive range of products cater to every type of Christmas decoration, ensuring that the magic of the holidays remains intact and ready to be rediscovered each and every year.