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The Best Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

April 01, 2024

The Best Rolling Christmas Tree Stand | Treekeeper Bags

Having an artificial Christmas trees is great, isn't it? The ability to reuse the same tree year after year, not worrying about the constant shower of pine needles, and contributing towards an eco-friendly holiday by not cutting down trees year after year sounds wonderful, doesn't it? If you use a quality upright Christmas tree storage bag from TreeKeeper, then storing them away securely and getting them out the next Christmas season is a breeze. However, there's one small snag, moving the artificial tree to and from storage can sometimes become a laborious task.

Sounds familiar?

Let’s be honest. Dismantling the artificial tree trunk, stuffing it into a storage bag, and then hauling it to your basement, attic, or garage is probably the only disadvantage of artificial trees. Here is where a natural tree seems to have a slight advantage. At the end of the season, you can just leave it outside for trash collection.

But wait! Our Rolling Christmas Tree Stands are the solution to this solitary shortcoming of artificial trees. This universal rolling Christmas tree stand and the metal rolling Christmas tree stand are both equipped with locking caster wheels, as well as a perfect fit for different diameter tree trunks, to transform your tree into an easily transportable piece of decor.

The best part?

These artificial tree stands offer an unmatched ease of assembly and versatility, making them highly coveted products. With adjustable legs, wide-contact collar, and multiple insert options for different sizes of tree trunks, our tree stands are sure to meet your needs. Our universal rolling tree stand accommodates trees up to 7.5 ft tall, while our metal rolling tree stand fits trees up to 12 ft tall, all while keeping your tree stable and fits almost any standard diameter tree on the market today. No longer will you have to struggle with unstable tree stands.

With a rolling Christmas tree stand, moving trees is a cinch. Simply tilt the tree and let the stand do the work as you roll it away. Engineered to protect both your tree and your home, the reinforced steel collar assembly features a wide contact point to prevent crushing your tree pole, and the wheels are made from scratch resistant materials to protect your wood or tile flooring.

But that's not all.

The universal rolling tree stand is a perfect companion to our TreeKeeper Upright artificial Christmas tree storage bag. Once set around the tree stand like a skirt, just pull it up and secure your tree when ready to store, and roll it gently into storage. It's as simple as that!

Eager to know more about this wonder product? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will the stand add extra height to my tree?

Yes, it will raise your tree about 3 inches above the floor.

What's the length of the tube holding the trunk?

The shaft holding your Christmas tree trunk is about 7 inches long

How wide is the stand?

The base of the universal rolling tree stand is approximately 30 inches across

What size tree trunk will the stand hold?

The stand collar will fit a tree trunk up to 2.125" in diameter

Do the wheels lock?

Yes, the rolling caster-style wheels lock.

Can I buy the universal rolling tree stand without buying a tree keeper bag?

Certainly, the rolling tree stands can be purchased separately right here

Your Christmas tree setup doesn’t have to be a hassle any longer. Upgrade to the Best Rolling Christmas Tree Stand and roll in the forthcoming holiday season in style.