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Storing Your Pull-Up Christmas Tree

April 01, 2024

Storing Your Pull-Up Christmas Tree | Treekeeper Bags

Pull-up Christmas trees are gaining increased popularity each festive season. The ease, convenience, and affordability they offer when it comes to Christmas decoration is simply unparalleled. The simple process of setting up or dismantling a collapsible Christmas tree makes it an ideal choice for your home, office, or any location yearning for a sprinkle of holiday joy!

However, an easy-to-assemble pull-up Christmas tree doesn't automatically guarantee hassle-free storage. You must ensure your collapsible Christmas tree remains in tip-top shape when you retrieve it from storage the following year. There's no point in having a pop-up tree if it gets ruined due to poor storage. The last thing you need is your tree tarnished with dirt or dust or damaged by water seepage. This is particularly fatal for pre-lit Christmas trees, as electricity and water are a disastrous combination!

To avoid such predicaments, you require a robust storage solution for your pop-up tree, considering its easy assembly and disassembly around the center pole. While you might consider using the cardboard box in which your Christmas tree arrived, that's a less than ideal solution. You need a sustainable solution for your pop-up tree that withstands time and guarantees a fresh-looking Christmas tree year after year; However, the cardboard box in which your tree arrived is too small and meant to fit a fully decompressed tree. Once your tree has been fluffed, it will never fully fit back into it's original cardboard box; trying to force it will only lead to damaging the tree and decreasing it's lifespan. Additionally, cardboard is made with water and as that cardboard (and the inks printed onto that cardboard) break down over time, that moisture will accumulate onto the tree in storage which can lead to mold. Without proper storage, the investment you made in such a uniquely designed tree would be pointless, as you'd end up spending more by needing a replacement too soon.

Avoid wasting your cash on storage solutions that fail to protect your Christmas décor from damage during storage. A great option for securing and storing your pull-up Christmas tree is our WreathKeeper™ Christmas Wreath Storage Bag. Our user-friendly storage bags are designed to keep your pop-up tree totally safe and secure throughout the long storage period. On unboxing your tree next year, you will find no unpleasant surprises. Our bags are crafted from thick, sturdy material resistant to rips and tears, assuring you of a pristine condition pop-up tree every time you plan to set it up.

We offer storage bags that perfectly fit your tree, irrespective of its size. Worried about finding the right sized storage option? Relax, determining the suitable bag for your pull-up Christmas tree is as easy as pie! Just measure your pull-up tree's diameter and select a corresponding size WreathKeeper bag. For instance, a 36″ diameter base pull-up tree would fit seamlessly into a 36″ WreathKeeper bag. With size options of 30", 36", 48", and 60" diameter bags, you're sure to find one that fits. Fearful of your tree being jostled and damaged during storage? We have taken care of that too - all WreathKeepers are reinforced with rigid, foam-lined sides to protect your pull-up Christmas tree while stored or moved.

Our storage bags accommodate all types of pop-up trees, despite their design. Some trees come pre-lit and pre-decorated, while others don't. If you have a host of ornaments, ribbons, and other items transforming a decent tree into an awesome spectacle, you need to store these safely for next year's usage. Concerned about storing all these ornaments? We've got your decorations covered! Store them in one of our premium Christmas Ornament Storage bags, with options that can hold up anywhere from 48 up to 140 ornaments of varying sizes, ensuring all your ornaments are ready for next year's decoration and display.

Nothing beats a merry Christmas, and beautifully decorated Christmas trees that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and safely store, illuminate the festivities. Our range of storage solutions ensure you'll have a stress-free festive season, free from setup and dismantling hassles, frustrations, and loss of holiday spirit. Christmas decorations often need accompaniments like a sturdy rolling Christmas tree stand, garlands, wreaths, ribbons, and ornaments, all of which need careful storage to sustain their looks for years. If you're looking for the perfect solution to store your Pull-up Christmas tree, be sure to checkout our Christmas Wreath Storage bags!