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How to Store Your Wreath for a Worry-Free Seasonal Transition

April 05, 2024

How to Store Your Wreath for a Worry-Free Seasonal Transition | Treekeeper Bags

Bringing holiday cheer to your home often involves hanging a wreath or two with care, to make sure they last from year to year. But what happens when the season ends and the time comes to stow away your festively adorned circle of foliage? Storing Christmas wreaths properly for optimal protection and ensuring they remain undamaged all year long can be quite a challenge. This detailed guide will show you how to store your wreaths properly, preserving their charm and longevity with a few simple steps.

Why is Proper Storage for Wreaths Important?

Proper storage is imperative to ensuring your Christmas wreath is ready for prime display next holiday season. Here are the key reasons why you need to safeguard your seasonal wreaths during their 'off' season:

Protecting Your Delicate Wreath Decorations

Many wreaths are not just a cluster of leaves – they're adorned with fragile ornaments, dried flowers, Christmas lights, or other intricate details. Without proper storage, these elements can break, chip, or become damaged beyond repair, robbing your wreath of its original splendor.

Keeping Wreaths in Good Condition for Future Use

An uncared for wreath can fast become a tattered one. Wilted leaves, faded ribbons, and crushed Christmas decorations are all common results of improper storage. By safeguarding your wreath, you're guaranteeing its lifespan and quality.

Maintain the Shape of Your Wreath

Hanging or laying a wreath on an improperly shaped surface can lead to deformation over time. By storing your wreath in a manner that maintains its round form, you enter into the next season with a perfect circle.

Preparing the Wreath for Storage

Before you even think about where to put your wreath, there are a few steps you should take to get it storage-ready:

Clean Your Greenery

Dust, dirt, bugs, and moisture can all accumulate over the holiday season. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to remove any debris. For artificial wreaths, a gentle wipe with a damp cloth is often all you need. Be sure to let your faux wreath fully dry of any moisture before being stored away.

Remove Other Decorations

Take off any embellishments that are not permanently part of the wreath, such as loose ornaments or bows. Store these separately in a ziplock bag or small box labeled for the wreath, to ensure you can easily locate them next year. Decorations permanently affixed are typically okay to leave attached, so long as they won't be crushed when placed in your wreath storage box.

Compress the Foliage

To keep your wreath looking full and vibrant, and avoid bent or broken branches, gently press any protruding foliage inward, effectively flattening any branches that could get crushed or caught on something. This not only makes for easier storage but also helps in preserving the wreath's form.

Pack Away Your Greenery

Choose a good wreath storage container that will protect your wreath while also helping you meet your storage organization goals.

The Best Wreath Storage Methods

With your wreath prepared, it's time to decide what type of storage organizer to use.

Wreath Storage Containers or Bags

Specific wreath storage solutions are tailored to preserve your wreath. However, many of the cheap wreath covers are simply a circular bag and offer no way of maintaining the round shape of your wreath, or any protection against crushing. Well-designed wreath boxes or bags, such as our Padded Christmas Wreath Storage Bag offer true protection for your greenery. The foam-lined walls offer padding for ultimate protection of your wreath and it's holiday decor. Possibly the most unique, and crucial, feature of our wreath storage containers is our Direct Suspend™ system, which attached the wreath bag's hanger directly to your wreath's frame, so that when you hang your wreath storage bag in the same way it would on your front door wreath hanger, so that your wreath does not sag to the bottom of the bag and become deformed during storage. Our bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the most common 30-inch wreath size all the way up to larger wreaths like 48", 60", or 72" wreath.

Storing with Other Christmas Decorations

If space or budget is a concern, you might consider storing your wreath with your other holiday decorations. Some options could be to buy a Christmas tree storage bag that's larger than what's needed for your artificial tree, and store your wreath in the same container. Our Greenskeeper Tree Storage Bag is a great option for this. Another option would be our Rolling Multi-Use Storage bag, where you could store miscellaneous Christmas decor along side your holiday wreath. Just be sure to pack it in a way that doesn't compromise its shape and protection.

Tips for Properly Storing Wreaths

Here are some detailed tips for maintaining your wreath's condition in storage:

Choosing a Wreath Storage Bag That Fits

When choosing a bag, ensure it fits your wreath snugly. A bag that's too small can crush the wreath causing it to get misshapen or damaged during storage. The bag's material should be durable, but still breathable to prevent moisture and mold. Lastly, make sure the bag fully seals shut to prevent unwanted pests from nesting in your greenery.

Choosing the Right Storage Space

Store your wreath in a dark, cool, and dry location. Heat and direct sunlight can cause the wreath to fade and become brittle over time. Attics and basements are suitable as long as they are climate-controlled, as are garages, spare rooms, or closets.

Protecting Wreaths from Moisture During Storage

If storing for an extended period, check on your wreath occasionally to ensure that no moisture has collected. Storing wreaths with desiccant packs, silica gel, or other moisture-absorbing material can help keep things dry and mold-free.

Wreath Storage Final Thoughts

With the proper preparation and storage, your wreath can be enjoyed for many years to come. Storing your wreath might seem like a simple task, but taking the time to do it right will give you peace of mind and keep your holiday decor looking its best. By following these steps, you ensure that the first step of your next holiday decorating endeavor is a pleasant one – all thanks to the care you gave your wreath in the off-season.