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Attic And Basement Christmas Tree Storage Options

March 29, 2024

Attic And Basement Christmas Tree Storage Options | Treekeeper Bags

The holiday season is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year; an atmosphere of goodwill pervades, and the youthful joy and wonder we once knew as children is rekindled. It inspires us to embellish our homes with decorations, ensuring our external environment reflects the warmth and festivity we feel within.

Yet, one challenging element of the holiday season is undoubtedly storing your artificial Christmas tree. As the season draws near, it's time to head into the attic or descend into the basement in search of your festive faux fir. Navigating through the accumulated items in storage to unearth your tree is a task that can swiftly transform even the most cheerful holiday spirit into an irritable Scrooge!

Despite the conveniences offered by artificial Christmas trees such as cost-effectiveness, no needle shedding, and not contributing to deforestation, storing these trees can indeed pose a significant problem. Unlike natural trees, artificial ones cannot be discarded every year, but instead, they have to be carefully stored to be reused the following season.

Artificial Christmas tree storage can be daunting. Perhaps you store your tree in its original worn-out box or wrap it in a trash bag before stowing it away - both methods fall short when it comes to protecting your investment from dust, dirt, moisture, and mold.

Alternatively, you may have adopted the method of storing your faux fir in plastic totes. While this method keeps your tree clean and dry, and it's certainly better than a cardboard box or a garbage bag, plastic totes are imperfect since you have to store each part of your tree in a different tote because the totes available are not large enough to accommodate your entire artificial tree. Compacting your tree too much could also damage it, and let's be honest, plastic totes are not necessarily designed with Christmas tree storage in mind.

We've encountered our share of ruined trees, wasted investments, and hours of frustration with inconvenient cardboard boxes and bulky plastic containers, and we've used all that experience to create the best Christmas tree storage bags to organize and protect your valuable investment.

Storage bags, such as our Big Wheel Duffel Rolling Tree Storage Bag, are perfect options for the most common tree storage needs. This bag was designed specifically for dismantling and storing artificial Christmas trees up to 9 ft, and offers some fantastic features such as oversized wheels and internal compression strapts. The bag will accommodate all the parts of your disassembled tree in one bag, eliminating the need to search for individual components in separate storage bins.

The Big Wheel Duffel Tree storage Bag simplifies the process of packing up your Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, and other decorations, making it a time and space-saving solution. With additional features such as an ID tag holder and reinforced handles for easy maneuverability, you can rest assured that storing your holiday decor is a breeze! This durable bag is far superior to the flimsy cardboard boxes that you've been using in the past.

The Big wheel duffel offers an affordable, straightforward, and durable means to store, transport, and protect your Christmas trees and other decor, ensuring your investment remains dust-free, clean, dry, and safe from pests. As a result, your artificial Christmas tree will emerge from storage every year, ready to usher in the festive season in all its glory. Simplify Christmas tree storage with the Tree Duffel from TreeKeeper Bags!